Board of Registrars of Voters - Elections

Board of Registrars of Voters - Elections

  Board of Registrars:
Robert DesMaraias, Chairman
Patrick Driscoll
Veronica Pare

Feb 8 2016

July 28 2016
Oct 4 2016
May 18 2015
June 15 2015
Oct 29 2015
April 17 2014
May 15 2014
Aug 25 2014
Sept 23 2014
Oct 23 2014
Nov 29 2014

n 2014, Chapter 109A of Chapter 54 of the General Laws was enacted, which requires post-election audits after presidential elections.  Under the proivsions of Chap. 54, Sec. 109A(c), 3% of all the precincts in Massachusetts must be handcounted as part of the audit process.  The law requires that precincts to be audited must be chosen in a random, publically verifiable, non-computerized drawing supervised by the Secretary of the State within 48 hours after the polls have closed.  The law futher provides for a handcount of only ceryain specifies races, where more than one candidate is printed on the ballot, and a statewide question, which is also randomly selected.
Following the Presidential election, Haverhill was randomly selected to audit 2 precincts- Ward 2 Prec 2 and Ward 7 Prec 1.
Results of the audit

Official results -
November 2016 State Election
September 2016 State Primary
March 2016 Pres Primary 

Elected Official List - Current as of April 14 2016

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